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2013-02-15 14:02:37 - ks
RAC Rally: What a year 2012 was!

This year the RAC Rally celebrates its 10th Anniversary
In 2012, we here in Great Britain had perhaps one of the best years many of us can remember. Despite the continuing gloom of austerity the country rose to the challenge of the Olympic Spirit. When the summer was over, the next big event on the horizon was the Roger Albert Clark Rally.

The organisers of the rally, ever mindful of the continuing financial climate, approached competitors to ask their opinion about a change to the now familiar four day rally format, reducing the usual four days to three; with the idea being to reduce costs for all taking part, without any reduction in the competitiveness of the rally.

The overwhelming response was agreement for a reduction of competition by one day, whilst still retaining the stage mileage. This would mean that the 2012 Roger Albert Clark Rally would be the most intense event since its introduction in 2004 and that it would retain the basic element of endurance of man and machine across three days. At the end of the three day event, hailed by everyone involved as the best ever.

So it will be the same this year for what we hope will once again extend the boundaries of this rally, with new stage mileage. This year we celebrate our 10th Anniversary and the organisers are promising a superb rally once again.

R.A.C. Rally Championship

Since the end of the rally, much has happened within the Roger Albert Clark Motor Club. During 2012 the organisers were approached by a number of representatives to organise a championship which would incorporate the spirit of the Roger Albert Clark Rally.

So it was at the end of 2012 that the new R.A.C. Rally, Championship, for vehicles built prior to 1987 was announced. The Championship already has a large number of registered competitors and further details can be found on the website at and also at the Championship Facebook page simply “like” us to join in with all the news for the season.

January 2012 saw the Roger Albert Clark Rally team at the Autosport show in Birmingham, where competing cars from November were on display, in particular the winning car of Marty McCormack and Phil Clarke. Many competitors dropped in to see the team and sign autographs, with many of them pledging to the 10th Anniversary event this year. Additionally David Winstanley was there selling the excellent DVD of the 2012 rally.

Colin Heppenstall, Rally manager, who had taken time away from his very busy day job to be on hand to speak with competitors and supporters of the event alike, had this to say, “In all the years we have been coming to the Autosport Show here at the NEC, this is the busiest I have known it. It is crazy; so many people just want to talk about last year’s rally and how it was the best ever. I am very humbled by this and just want to thank everyone for all their help in making it so. I have been busy since November booking my venues for 2013, so things are moving forwards already”

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